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    31 Jul 2018

    Printing award certificates for sports teams

    It is a great feeling of success when an athlete obtains an award. Having an end-of-season party is the perfect way to reward those who have worked hard to contribute to the team and boost team morale. Designing personalised certificates means players can feel proud of their achievements throughout the…
    25 Jul 2018

    Our Advice When It Comes To Designing Custom Event Tickets

    Getting people excited about your event starts with creating custom tickets. Designing a ticket that resonates with those attending the event is the perfect branding opportunity yet it is often overlooked. Conveying the right message Before you even begin to design your ticket, you need to consider the information that…
    17 Jul 2018

    Everything you need to know about protecting your certificates

    Do you protect your certificates? Protecting your organisation is vital so it is important to have bespoke security solutions for your documents. Using holograms, invisible UV designs, secure foiling and QR Codes protects them from duplication and fraud. When it comes round to you sourcing a bespoke hologram, ensure that…
    11 Jul 2018

    Using Custom Holograms To Protect Collectables

    Custom holograms allow manufacturers to ensure something collectable is genuine, while remaining cost-efficient. There is usually a master hologram which is safe from counterfeiters or by printing identical custom holograms that have corresponding serial numbers. When it comes to printing two custom holograms, one is adhered to a certificate of…
    06 Jul 2018

    How to Print Cheques For Your Business

    The printers that you generally own as a business are able to print cheques, however, if you would like your cheques to look professional, then it is worth considering the information in this post. By printing your cheques you can save the time that would have been spent writing them…
    26 Jun 2018

    How To Protect Yourself Against Cheque Fraud

    A tenth of all UK payments are made via cheque. This may surprise those that believed the cheque was on the way out; however the new cheque clearing system has breathed life into what was a decreasing form of payment. The UK uses cheques more than other European countries and…
    18 Jun 2018

    Tips for Event Ticket Printing

    Festival season is upon us and it’s time for event organisers to consider their ticket printing. Festivals are growing bigger every year, catering to a multitude of music tastes and cultures. With this comes competition and you need to ensure you think carefully about designing tickets that reflect the tone…
    10 Jan 2017

    Fake degree certificates – 40 fraudulent websites shut down by British organisation

    It was revealed this week that over 40 fraudulent websites have been shut down in the UK for selling fake degree certificates. The rise of the counterfeiting of degree certificates/testamurs is alarming and it’s not just an issue in the UK. Every country with renown establishments including the US and…
    22 Dec 2016

    Could your Manuka honey be fake?

    Is Manuka honey part of your daily routine? Do you enjoy the benefits it has on your health? Well you are not on your own as figures show that around 9,000 tonnes of Manuka honey is sold worldwide every year except that…. only 2,000 to 3,000 tonnes of genuine Manuka…
    22 Dec 2016

    Holograms - the secret weapon for Brand Protection

    Earlier this year, the United Nations published a report reaffirming that holograms remain one of the most secure technologies to fight counterfeiting.Following the launch of the $5 banknote which is loaded with holograms, the launch of the new UK £10 note, the Swiss 20 franc and Israeli 100 Shekel will…
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    HagueAustralia Another great business opportunity for our colleagues at QLess. Well done to all the team.
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    HagueAustralia RT @TwoSidesAus: Think #paper is a wasteful product? Think again! 74% of all paper and #paperboard in Australia is #recycled. Ready to bust…
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    HagueAustralia RT @TwoSidesAus: Think #paper is a wasteful product? Think again! Paper is one of the most #recycled products in the world. In Australia, 7…
    HagueAustralia RT @TwoSidesAus: The world's first #plastic free aisle opens in the Netherlands! This is a great step towards #environmental #sustainabilit
    HagueAustralia RT @TwoSidesAus: For #recycling, #paper is king! According to AFPA, in 2017, Australia's implied recycling rate for all paper and #paperboa
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    HagueAustralia Some ask, does QLess queue management work?  Yes, is the short answer and here is a simple example of one of our ne…

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