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    A leading provider of security products, Hague helps its customers fight counterfeiting, fraud and grey market products. 

    Fraud and counterfeiting is on the increase in numerous markets including pharmaceutical, education, beverages and clothing and texitles. As well as impacting company revenue, it creates health and safety issues and undermine consumer confidence. 

    Our tailored security products and services carry the latest and most innovative features to help tackle counterfeiting, make documents very difficult to reproduce and help track and trace goods. We are experts in this field and we offer consultancy service to ensure that your security products best fit your needs. 

    Our security features are all developed to take advantage of the latest in covert, overt and forensic security technology. They include highly sophisticated holographic designs and originations, specialist inks, tamper-evident seals... to help protect the identity of original products and packaging.

    Contact us now to discuss how we can help you keep counterfeiters at bay. 


    Hague supplies the most comprehensive range of brand protection and secure printing solutions available in the market today

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