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    Hague Australia's Premiercheque+ helps organisations manage multiple streams of data and print secure payment documents.

    Used with our secure cheques and TROY MICR printers, Premiercheque+ is a highly effective deterrent to cheque fraud and exceeds cheque clearing standards for cheque production.

    Develop using 64bit tools and capable of running in a 32bit environment, Premiercheque+ can quickly print secure single cheques, cheque and remittance, banker's draft, paying-in and deposit slips plus many more business forms including pressure seal documents. The system also gives more control over future changes to templates, accounts and system changes.

    Premiercheque+ combine a range of options for encrypted signatures that can be controlled by passwords, swipe cards, biometric controls (fingerprint scanning) or remote email authorisation. It can save your organisation a significant amount of money by eliminating senior management from having to physically sign cheques.

    Premiercheque+ software is designed to run TROY MICR printers and is compatible with all accounting packages. The software can be tailored to your requirements and prints all your payment forms to the exact banking standards required for your region. Cost-effective, robust and highly secure, Premiercheque+ can be installed quickly and easily, giving you a complete in-house payment solution.

    Hague Australia's unique Premiercheque+ software offers the following features:

    • Compliant with cheque production standards,
    • 64bit compliant and capable of running in a 32bit environment
    • Signature authorisation all done at point of issue or remotely from any worldwide location
    • Variable security text repeats the payee name and the amount across the face of the cheque to help combat alteration cheque fraud
    • Standalone to multi-site licence capabilities across global networks
    • Audit report file formats include file formats including CSV, Excel and Crysta
    • lFull project management and no lengthy and expensive IT implementation

    Why not Contact us to discuss your cheque print requirements.


    Hague supplies the most comprehensive range of brand protection and secure printing solutions available in the market today

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